The Lee Kong Chian School of Business offers 8 Business majors in total. It is not compulsory to declare a major, you may pursue a general BBM degree. It is also not compulsory for you to choose a track for the majors that offer it, you may pursue a general Finance major for example.

Business majors:

Corporate Communication (

Academic Advisor: Yeo Su Lin

Corporate communication will understand effective coordination of all internal and external communication with the overall purpose of establishing and maintaining a favourable reputation with stakeholder groups. Corporate communication professionals are highly valued for building and sustaining a company’s corporate reputation and in times of crisis.


The versatile major prepares students for careers in public relations/corporate affairs, investor relations and marketing communication in either in-house or agencies. If you enjoy various forms of communication (writing and conversing), have good interpersonal skills and able to work under pressure, this might just be the major for you!


Entrepreneurship (

Academic Advisor: Terence Fan

Entrepreneurship is suited for students who want to learn about creating new businesses, either as stand-alone new firms or as part of existing organisations’ new business growth plans. Depending on your interest, you can learn about business growth strategies and analyse businesses from different perspectives.


Finance (

  • Finance Analytics Track
  • International Trading Track
  • Banking Track
  • Real Estate Track
  • Wealth Management Track

Academic Advisors: Aurobindo Ghosh, Dong Hong, Karen Gan

A Finance major will give you a good coverage of Finance concepts that prepares you for a wide variety of finance specialisations. You will be exposed to Stock markets, Bond markets, Forex markets, Commodities and Real Estate markets. Real world applications during the course of your study will also boost your understanding of the major.

Specialised tracks for the Finance major will require students to undertake additional modules to gain a more wholesome understanding of that sector. These tracks will make your Finance major more niche, especially if you are already keen on a specific sector.

Marketing (

  • Marketing Analytics Track
  • Retail and Services Management Track

Academic Advisors: Seshan Ramaswami (Term 1), Chung Seh-Woong (Term 2)

Marketing is a multi-disciplinary study with the key business process centred around understanding customer’s needs, creating value for them and building strong customer relationships to capture value from them in return. A student with this major can find careers in product/brand management, marketing communications, sales management retailing and business services.


Operations Management (

  • Operations Analytics Track

Academic Advisors: Joyce Low, Marcus Ang

Operations management is the design and management of the set of activities that create goods and services through transformation of inputs and outputs. This major provides a systematic way of looking at organisational processes and teaches you concepts ad tools that are widely used in managing other functions.

If you enjoy understanding the processes that create value in a business and coming up with ideas for improvement and implementing them this could be the major for you. Career opportunities lie in a wide range of industries from financial services, public sector to logistics.


Organisational Behaviour & Human Resources (OBHR) (

Academic Advisors: Rani Tan, Ma Kheng Min

OBHR major allows students to develop skills to understand and influence employees and organisations through human resources solutions. It offers two sub-tracks, Human Resources and Organisational Behaviour. This course will equip you with knowledge on managing talent, leadership and negotiation skills as well as playing an active role in strategic decision-making.

If you have an interest in a career in Human Resources Consulting or Corporate Human Resources in companies ranging from SMEs to global MNCs or would like to gain insights, analytical abilities to lead and navigate organisations, this could be the major for you.



Quantitative Finance (

Academic Advisor: Zhao Yibao

Quantitative Finance major will equip you with knowledge in mathematics and programming. These two will complement each other when helping an investment/trading firm generate revenue wile limiting its risk exposures. Your exposure and knowledge to computer codes will help you analyse data for risk management and for research in creating new quantitative strategies.

If you intent to work in hedge funds or banks, this major will give you an upper hand as strong quantitative skills with mathematical and statistical modelling are skills highly sought after.


Strategic Management (

Academic Advisors: Cyndi Zhang, Gilbert Tan

Strategic Management major will train you in various strategic management concepts, skills and competencies, formulating corporate strategies, developing new businesses and designing corporate structures amongst others. Strategy involves an integrated set of choices that positions a firm in an industry so that it can generate superior long-run return on investment whilst maintaining a competitive advantage.

If you have good written and verbal communication skills, project management and prioritisation skills with good knowledge of the market and industry, this major could be suited for you. Common career options range from professional to management and entrepreneurial jobs.