Mission and Vision


To cultivate a dynamic and fulfilling university experience for SMU business students


To unify SMU business students, while serving their welfare, social, academic and professional interests

SMU Business Society, affectionately known as Bondue, was founded in 2005 and is the student representative body of the Lee Kong Chian School of Business (LKCSB). The term “Bondue” has the underlying meaning of “Bond with You”. It came about when the founders of the Business Society decided to have a short gathering over dinner at a restaurant that served popular dessert involving chocolate fondue. The combination of a bonding session and chocolate fondue led to the birth of Bondue to represent Business Society.

Till date, Bondue is the largest student body amongst the six disciplines in SMU. The key stakeholders include the current students, the faculty as well as the distinguished staff from the LKCSB Office. The reception at Bondue’s events usually comprises a mix of the above stakeholders, since Bondue values the kindred spirit at its core.

This spirit is also what many of the predecessors have made known to be the Bondue spirit – the essence of what has kept the school body so closely-knitted for the past few years. As we like to say – One Bondue, One Family.

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