Alumni Networking Night

Alumni Networking Night (ANN) is Bondue’s annual networking event where SMU Business alumni are invited to come back and share their work experience and advice with Business undergraduate students. In each ANN, participants enjoy a unique networking experience earmarked by a cosy and personal atmosphere. This is achieved by tapping on our common identity as […]

Bondue Anniversary

Bondue celebrates our very own anniversary through holding a welfare event catered to LKCSB students and providing them with the boost needed for the school term! Each year we present a different theme signifying our anniversary and several pop up booths will be around to give Bonduers a chance to enjoy a fun and fulfilling […]

Bondue Camp

Bondue Camp is the signature summer highlight that all freshmen will not want to miss! With an abundance of activities in store for freshmen to bond with one another and create connections that will last throughout their university life and more, Bondue Camp seeks to allow them to realize their full potential and acquire knowledge, […]

Slightly Scarlet

Slightly Scarlet is an annual fashion show / charity event which seeks to raise funds and increase awareness for local beneficiaries. Building upon the success of past, into it’s eighth edition – Slightly Scarlet 2018, is to enhance existing interest in fashion amongst the SMU student body, promote cohesion and most importantly emphasises the importance of philanthropy. This year, Bondue […]

Bondue Business Forum

BBF is Bondue’s signature networking event, which provides students a platform to network with and gain targeted advice and insights from experienced professionals from renowned companies. The event strives to shed light on the industrial trends, nature of the various jobs and challenges faced by professionals on a day-to-day basis through a panel discussion followed […]

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