Slightly Scarlet is an annual fashion show / charity event which seeks to raise funds and increase awareness for local beneficiaries.

Slightly Scarlet aims to enhance existing interest in fashion amongst the SMU student body, promote cohesion and most importantly emphasises the importance of philanthropy.

Slightly Scarlet x GDS 2019: Empower

After a successful and impact show in 2018, Slightly Scarlet is proud to work alongside Guide Dogs Singapore (GDS) once again! The theme, “Empower”, aims to empower the visually handicapped as well as sighted individuals with greater knowledge and understanding of this community in Singapore.

Slightly Scarlet x GDS 2018: Envision

Bondue has partnered with Guide Dogs Singapore (GDS) to better inform the public about the tribulations of those who are visually impaired. The theme, “Envision”, speaks less of vision in its literal sense and instead, illustrates the mental picture towards our hopes and dreams, and to envision a brighter future.

Slightly Scarlet x CCF 2017: Hope Unfolds

In 2017, Slightly Scarlet partnered with Children Cancer Foundation (CCF), with the aim to raise awareness for their cause and create a lasting impact. With the tagline, “A thousand cranes, a story of hope”, our wish is for the children at CCF to embody hope on their journey. To us, the cranes convey our hope and hence the theme was decided to be “Hope Unfolds”. 

Slightly Scarlet x APSN 2016: Letters to you

The beneficiary for Slightly Scarlet 2016 is Association for People with Special Needs (APSN). Themed “Letters to You”, the show revolved around the key takeaway of understanding how focusing on one’s abilities, rather than disabilities can impact and inspire the lives of the less fortunate.

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