At Bondue, we care and would love for Bonduers to be inspired and involved to do our part for sustainability too. With the idea of one change, no matter how big or how small it is, it is about taking the first step that we can each do!

Förändra — Swedish for ‘one change’

Taking inspiration from Sweden, the world’s most sustainable country, we have al ot to learn from and do in the various capacities we are in. With Farewelfare: Förändra, we hope to be able to instil a sense of responsibility among Bonduers to do our part in building a sustainable world.

Over 3000 single-use plastics will be saved at our welfare! With zero waste as our theme, we hope to be able to empower Bonduers to make a small change in your daily lives. Little by little, a little becomes a lot. We are so happy to see everyone take the first step in making a change to create a more sustainable environment! Together, we can make an impact in the earth we live in. 

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