The Great Move is a campaign that came from our desire to spread love, good vibes, and positivity to the Bondue community. The Great Move (TGM) is a campaign that strives to help Bonduers realise moments, matters and people they are grateful for. Through TGM, we hope to inspire more students to show gratitude and kindness to the people around them. It reminds us to see what is present instead of what there isn’t.

TGM 2018

The Great Move: Spreading Kindness was the theme for 2018. Earlier in the year, we challenged 5 Bonduers to spread kindness to the people around school. Even without a list of tasks, all of us can still show gratitude and spread kindness to those around us. Even the smallest actions matter, be it holding the door for someone or showing appreciation to a friend!

TGM 2017

Gratitude was decided as the main tenet of this movement as it is a positive feeling that we can all conjure and share with one another. However, many of us usually do not realize what we are grateful for because we are not mindful of the good around us. The Great Move strives to assist and encourage us in realizing moments, matters and people we are grateful for, and eventually encouraging us to act on that gratitude. By being grateful for what we have, we can make our lives a little richer by looking at things a little fuller.

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