Hey Bonduers! Slightly Scarlet is back! SMU’s first and only philanthropic fashion show, Slightly Scarlet is one of Bondue’s most iconic events. Through Slightly Scarlet, we strive to raise awareness for social causes and provide an avenue for Bondue to give back to communities in need. As an Organising Committee member, you can gain a [...]

Bondue Camp 2020 Hey Bonduers! Join us to create exhilarating moments and everlasting memories – Bondue Camp 2020! As a Bondue Camp facilitator, you can look forward to engaging the incoming freshmen, sharing your valuable experience in SMU and giving your all to ensure that they have an enjoyable orientation experience. What’s more, you can […]

Alumni Networking Night (ANN) 2020 Hey Bonduers! A very warm welcome back to the new semester! Bondue’s Alumni Networking Night 2020 is back for another exciting year, providing a platform for Bonduers to connect, interact and forge relations with LKCSB alumni. You can expect to gain invaluable advice and insights regarding future career prospects, life […]