Bondue Camp

Bondue Camp is the signature summer highlight that all freshmen will not want to miss! Bondue Camp allows freshmen to create lasting memories, forge new friendships and be part of the best summer experience.

Bondue Camp 2019: FARRAGO

SMU Bondue Camp 2019 brings to you the convergence of complex cinematic realms — FARRAGO. Trapped in the virtual world, villains from distinct domains were placed together to test their limits on immorality. Are they as evil as they were perceived to be? Beneath all their villainous masks and costumes, would there lie an innocent disposition?

Bondue Camp 2018: ALERA

SMU Bondue Camp 2018 is in the virtual reality realm of Alera. However, Alera has fell into the wrong hands and everyone cannot log out. It’ll be a journey from game to game, with the clans fighting their way to the top to escape Alera.

Bondue Camp 2017: ILLUMINATE

SMU Bondue Camp 2017 takes on the theme of Illuminate where the four clans from the lush world of Pandora fight to defeat evil!

Bondue Camp 2016: ARMAGEDDON

SMU Bondue Camp 2016: The Armageddon befalls upon Bondue as the four clans of Olympians, Pharaohs, Vikings and Apache battle it out to assemble the elusive scroll of life and defeat the Dark Lord once and for all.