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Bondue Camp

Bondue Camp is the signature summer highlight that all freshmen will not want to miss! Bondue Camp allows freshmen to create lasting memories, forge new friendships, and be part of the best summer experience.

Period: June - July

Camp Ascentia 2024 (2)_edited.jpg

​Camp Ascentia follows 4 formidable clans — Aeris, Ignis, Kairos, and Theios — in search of an ancient artefact known as the Sceptre, concealed within the hallowed halls of the university. Legend has it that whoever wields the Sceptre will gain unparalleled power and wisdom, setting them on the path to greatness. As the clans embark on their expedition, a malevolent force known as Zephyr threatens their quest as he steals the Sceptre and disrupts the peace of the land.

Throughout their journey, the 4 clans will encounter countless battles and challenges. As they seek to restore the peace of the land, these heroes must work together to defeat Zephyr and reclaim the stolen Sceptre.

Run 1: 12th July - 14th July
Run 2: 24th July - 26th July

Registration is open! Sign up HERE now! Visit CAMP ASCENTIA Microsite for more information.

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